Sep. 8 2017 – Extended Road Trip

Starting tomorrow, Saturday the 9th, I’ll be leaving Barstow in Southern California and driving up north. I’ve been working down here as an archaeology intern on the National Monument (designated by Former President Obama – thanks Obama ;) ) and my year is up today. So when I leave tomorrow in the early afternoon/late morning I won’t stop until I reach the Bay Area after about 6 hours of diving. Perfect time to catch up on my podcasts. I’ll stop for the late and see family and friends before continuing my drive north to visit my dad in Oregon.

After a few more weeks I’ll be driving to my best friends wedding before meeting up with my mom in Oregon and driving up to Seattle, then Vancouver, BC, and finally taking a ferry up to Alaska.

By that time it’ll be mid-October and I’ll hang out there for a few more weeks.

When Christmas roles around I hope to be visiting family again in Norway. And finally, it’ll be a short time before I start my Master’s Program in Graduate School in New Zealand.


Wish me luck!!

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